The first step to attaining optimum health is an initial consultation in which I take a detailed case history in order to understand what is going on in your body currently and identify your health goals so we can see what we need to do.

I will ask you to bring along any medical test results you may have as well as a list of any medication or supplements you may be taking. I may perform some non-invasive diagnostic examinations such as nail, tongue and iris examination. In some cases we may decide that laboratory testing may be necessary.

I will look at what you are eating now and what foods you love and what you hate.

From this we will jointly set objectives from which I will provide you will a plan incorporating delicious food, fun and inspiring lifestyle advice and maybe some nutritional supplements. Everything you need to begin your journey to obtaining optimum health.

Your treatment plan will depend on your health and objectives but typically will involve 3-4 sessions. Many clients also like to check in every 3 months to make sure they are on track with maintaining long term optimum health.


  • Initial consultation £100.
  • Follow-up consultation £75
  • Telephone/Skype consultation £85.
  • Treatment package no.1 £210 (Initial consultation with 2 follow-ups and on-going coaching).
  • Treatment package no.2 £380 (Initial consultation with 5 follow-ups and on-going coaching).
  • Bespoke packages are also available.


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