*Menopause advice for sassy, cool women



For many women, approaching the menopause is a daunting prospect - hot flushes, night sweats, thickening waistlines, facial hair and incontinence pants. It may feel like an inevitable disease that creeps up on us in little stages, causing us to question everything we though we thought we know about ourselves.

This is very pertinent for me. I am 49 and quite astounded at how little many women of my age understand about what their bodies are going through. And although there are already heaps of books on the market on the subject of menopause, none of them seemed to talk to me and my friends. 40- or 50-something women in the 21st century are not easily categorised. We are among the first generation where almost all of us have careers (as opposed to just jobs). We have battled hard to hold our own in the workplace and we are not prepared to settle into our dotage defeated by our biology.

So I work with my clients to help to demystify it all, to explain what the menopause is and to give them all the tools they need to navigate through it and come out the other end looking, feeling and being the most amazing version of themselves they can be.

Remember, you are not going mad, you do not have a disease and this is most definitely not the end of sexy, cool you!

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