Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy


Naturopathy is the practice of supporting the body's natural biochemistry. Every second, in every cell, in every tissue, the body is performing complex biochemical functions in order to protect the body and keep it healthy. As long as we are in perfect balance, those processes will keep us well. Unfortunately life does everything it can to throw us off balance:

  • We have stressful jobs.
  • We live in polluted cities.
  • We get older.
  • We eat food our great grandparents probably wouldn't have recognised.

All of which can knock us out of kilter resulting in a decrease in biochemical activity which, if left unchecked, can lead to illness.

Happily, most of the chemicals the body requires to perform its intrinsic biochemical functions are available from real, natural foods. And more research is becoming available that demonstrates the amazing medicinal effects of compounds such as phtyonutrients found in plants.

I work by identifying your health objectives, assessing your nutritional status and developing a personalised food and lifestyle plan designed to fine-tune your body's biochemistry in order to encourage every cell to function at its best - so you feel amazing!

In some cases we may need to use nutritional supplements to kick-start the changes, but mostly my "medicine" of choice is delicious, wholesome, natural food. Not only is this cheaper (let's face it, you were going eat food anyway) but I believe that whole foods in their natural state contain an energy that enhances our health.

I can work with you to establish your treatment goals and develop a programme which fits in with your personal tastes, motivation and lifestyle and so is totally achievable.