My treatments are based on the following core principles of naturopathy: 

  1. The healing power of nature
  2. To identify and treat the causes.
  3. First do no harm.
  4. The doctor as teacher.
  5. Treat the whole person.
  6. Prevention is better than cure.

A healthy body has the inherent ability to heal itself. My treatments work by supporting this process.

I look beyond your symptoms to try to identify the underlying causes of the symptoms and this is what we work on.

I use the most natural, least toxic and least invasive therapies possible.

I believe that the body, mind and spirit are part of an integrated whole. I therefore look at your whole physical body as well as considering energetic and emotional imbalances.

By looking at your family medical history, your current symptoms and other diagnostic markers, I will assess which organs or body systems are most likely to get out of balance as we age. By identifying these risks early, we can put in place dietary and lifestyle safeguards which will hopefully prevent the risks from becoming reality, thereby keeping you healthier for longer. Now that's what I call anti-ageing!

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